Saturday, August 14, 2010


200 pages complete....

Ive been working lottts...but everyday Ive been reading and writing (no more t.v. for me!) Ive finally hit 200 pages! Im almost half way done, just have to edit it after this... CRAZY!
If I can keep up my pace Ill be editing my book in a month and a half. Alright, well I have to work at I'm going to read myself into a coma.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I'm happy.  

Now let me explain...
I have already found my soul mate and live with him.  I already have a stable career that has put me on the road to success.  I am writing.
The last is what makes everything complete. Im writing.  Im about half way done with my first novel and Im breathing words.

My schedule is quite busy, especially during the school year which is about to start.  My goal for the summer was to start weaving in an exercise routine into my daily schedule.  So as marked on my new shiny planner, I went on my run today.  Within my first couple steps I was seeing adjectives.  I breathed in and the air was heavy on my tongue, flowers called out to be described, tangled trees gasped of life, houses whispered to me their secrets and gates told a history untold.
I had no choice, so I named them all. 
As I ran I found trees, houses, branches, leaves, cars, abandoned toys, paint, mountains, sand ..anythinnng and then I put adjectives to it.  Rusty, red, bright, tall, giant, monstrous, round, full. I added metaphors to ordinary flowers, tear drops, blueberries, cherries, totems, etc
Best run I have had, by far.
Everything ached for me to describe it and I happily strung together adjectives as I ran by and dubbed them.
But the best part of it all was in the midst of my run a word jumped out at me, carved into a piece of wood was the word ..Gypsy. 
Yupp. Gypsy....its like nature was talking back. Crazy right? Gypsy??? Its not a common name like Sarah, Sandy, Jessica, or something.... :) I admit I laughed out loud, yupp as I ran, I laughed.  Twice actually. (I laughed the first time because in the beginning of my run/ adjective game a really attractive guy came running buy and a lot of adjectives popped into my head then :P)
Okay, well its time for me to go back downstairs to my reading nook.  I have successfully exercised today and exercised my brain as well.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Words On My Breath...

I have been avoiding updating because I did in fact see Johnny Depp and I even have a video of it...but seeing as its not on MY camera I couldnt download it to my computer correctly and Joes mom still hasnt uploaded it and transferred it to mine. SO i give up waiting.  Youll just have to take my word for it.  Heres some pictures though...  So I didnt take these photos.  I have to admit this was on a different night posted by my aunt who worked special duty as their police officer.  And of course the night I went Johnny wasnt hugging people and shaking hands with Im thinking  I might try to go again, hes a real sweetheart that man.

Ive done good.  Ive read 2 books recently, the third Harry Potter and the book Shiver.  Of course...these were completely out of order and I SHOULD have been finishing off World Without End which I started awhile ago.  I cant help it though, im just stuck in this fantasy world, all I want is dragons, werewolves and wizards who can fly on brooms.

Ive been writing 10 pages a day on and off and Im really excited about how far Ive gotten. Im about half way done with this novel. MY first complete novel. Ugh what a relief it will be to just be done with the whole idea.  Ive been trying to accomplish this for 10 years now? I started when I was 9....Obviously, not on the same book, but I started attempting to write my first novel at nine - which I regret throwing away when I was about 12 and angsty. What Id give to go back and read what I wrote. Thats the best right?  When you pick up your old notebooks filled with pages upon pages of writing that you don't even remember.  You start reading your own work and suddenly your drawn in by these words you didn't even think you knew. I get giddy, I always think,... I wrote this? Really?  Of course in the middle of a project thats not how your writing looks to you.  It looks young and thin, and you are constantly adding words and description. You go back to edit and end up throwing away pages of words because it just doesn't feel good enough. Thats how I get anyways. I have to admit I am extremely nervous for those editing stages, I have a feeling the first two chapters will take about a year until I feel satisfied.

Do you ever have those days...where you look at something and you feel like you could write five paragraphs about it?
Whenever Id be driving to school there was just this one tree that sparked something in me and Id start writing out descriptions in my head of every little leaf, tree, shrub or cloud I saw. This happens often to me...someone I work with makes a face or a gesture and I immediately collect it into my bank of memories to pull out when I describe that action in a story.  

The seductive words of novels pull me in and when I'm there I feel complete - I feel happy, like I belong.  I just cant stay away....I need words and they need me.