Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mouse In The House...

It is true. There is a mouse in our house. Maybe even several....blah. It bit joes toe last night when he was on the computer and scared the shit out of us. I was standing on the bed cowering and joe was running around the room trying to find it...It was so funny. (Might i just say I was only cowering because I had just been woken up and I wasnt sure what was going on!)

Anyhow, Ive been writing a lot. I wont admit this to anybody yet, but I have come up with a new story.  This once I feel is coming to me little by little, every time I write I find something new and interesting about it. Its a really great feeling, because all my other stories I try so hard to make outlines etc, but it never feels right so I end up giving up.  This time Im just going to write. I already have the conflict, the back story and some what of an ending.  I know how I want it to end, but Im just not sure how it will happen yet, I have a feeling it will just come to me while Im writing it and it will feel right. 

I work soon, so I must get going.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I really should be doing my homework right now.

I just sat on daily booth for about 2 hours....I feel a little pathetic right now.

Uh, so I had classes all day.  It seems like everyday I have classes (which is 5 days out of the week) I get bad

There is this kid in my American Lit class who looks JUST like Eric from that 70s seriously, he really does. I catch him staring at me too and I feel so mean because I have to look away because I start laughing. Why do I laugh at this poor kid? Because all I can fricken think about is ERIC FROM THAT 70s

Okay  moving on.
So I got to read the first chapter of a book that my boyfriends aunt is writing. Her editor thinks the book is going to be huge and is trying to get her on Oprah and a bunch of other talk shows. It was really good, I am super excited for her and I cant wait to read the rest.  I feel so cool being able to read stuff before anybody else, mwahaha.  A note on my own writing... I have totally been in the writing mood lately.  I started working on some stuff last night and I have a lot of new ideas.  Thats the problem with me though, I get so many ideas that sometimes  I never just sit down and  crank them out.  Sigh!

Lots of things have been happening god, I cant even make this entry cohesive at all.

uh, I really need to go work on my homework, but I had classes all day and my brain is fried. OH YES!
I remembered what I wanted to talk about...
So, I was in borders today and I bought:


I am very excited!
I started watching Eastwick the t.v. show, but it got canceled. LAME! But it was based off of this book, so I am beyond excited to read it. I like books better then movies and t.v. series anyways.  And apparently there is a second book too.... I think... anyhow. The second book I bought is by this author who I really enjoyed. I read her first book called the Center of Everything. So Im excited that she wrote more books. I read that first book when I was like 13 and just forgot to keep checking up with her.
Okay, now Im going because I really want to finish reading my books, but I got to do my homework first!

Until Next Time....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Clean Your Shirt

Well hello there.

My brain is currently fuzzy, so excuse the nonsense that this blog has potential to turn out as.

I worked at 4am this morning and I just got off.  This used to be my everyday schedule, but since Im taking
5 classes now, it kind of interferes with the 4am-10am shifts.  Anyways, so I made my first vlog yesterday, which I posted below this entry.  It was actually quite fun and I think I shall make it a habit.

Today is cleaning day!
Our house is a little messy and Joe s (my boyfriend)  mom comes home tonight.  So cleaning time!  It shouldn't be too bad, Ive been trying to keep it relatively clean.
Tomorrow, is homework day, I have already decided!
Luckily, its also a holiday  *throws hands up in the air*

Ive made a pledge to myself that I am going to get back in shape.  I'm not in terrible condition, but I need to be a bit healthier.  I use to play soccer so that always kept me in good shape, but not only do I not have time to commit to a soccer team, my knees pop out...soo being a goalie (the position i play) is next to impossible. I have a $300.00 physical therapy bill to validate that statement.   But lets not dwell on things like that, because they make me sad... so instead! I and a few co-workers have decided to start swimming out to this little island at one of our beaches.   I'm also going to occasionally run. Its starting all of this is the hardest part!

Good news though, things look like they are moving along with my up coming promotion and this should help a lot with some money issues.   :happy face:

OKAY! I think its time to start cleaning... lets get this over with.

Saturday, January 16, 2010



I did it. I officially posted my first vlog.
 ^ thats me! How fun... anyways, ya I guess I dont have much to say right now. Im just working on this whole
video editing thing....

Wedding Dresses Freak Me Out.

Ugh, is it really that time again already? I gotta wake up and go to work. Work, where people bitch and moan about their coffee not being made right or something else that you just want to slap them for.

Dream #1.

My grandmother got married..... This dream totally creeps me out.  My grandmother is the most conservative thing you could find. Re-marrying is not in her books. My grandfather died almost 9, 10 years ago now (wow its been that long?) and my grandmother loved him so much! Anyhow, so in my dream my grandmother marries my next door neighbor Jim.  Jim is this little old man who is married to this little obnoxious old lady. Well they have been family friends forever, so apparently in my dream, Jim's wife passes away...and my grandmother and Jim fall in love and decide to get married, basically so they can have sex, because like I said very conservative.
EW! Now in my dream my grandmother was like wearing her wedding dress around the house for days, this image of your grandmother in a wedding dress, just take a second and in vision it. It wigs me out.

Dream #2.
I just woke up from this dream... Apparently, me and this other girl were asked to sleep over night at Starbucks for some unknown reason and open the store at 4 like usual.  So I'm sleeping in my car and someone calls me on my phone and wakes me up, because its 4 and they are waiting at the door.  So I get up and go in and I have like 4 other people opening the store with me (usually only 2 people open the store) So its really nice... anyhow, one of the girls is setting up the pastry case and for some unknown reason there is a customer sitting in our lobby waiting for us to open. Well a tray of scones are sitting right next to this lady so she picks two scones out of the tray and throws them away, and then picks two more up and sitting them on her table. So I'm like hey What are you doing? You cant touch those you haven't paid for them. Well the lady starts yelling at me, So what? blah blah blah and I look at her and I'm like Just don't touch the scones okay? Well she sticks her hands in the tray now deliberately to piss me off and touches two more scones. So now I'm irate. So I'm  yell at her again and she touches another pastry so I whip around and yell GET OUT! GET OUT I WONT SELL TO YOU. lol in my dream this was the best feeling in the world. Uhhhh, do you know how badly I wish I could do this???  So yeah.......................................good dream, although towards the end I couldn't turn the lights on so I couldn't see what I was writing and that was annoying.

Well those are the two main dreams I remember as of right now; although, I feel a couple more coming up into my brain, but if they are really that interesting Ill write about them later.
Off to get ready for work, maybe I will get to tell someone to get out of our store today. :)


Friday, January 15, 2010

Coming Clean...

So I have never been a huge fan of youtube, I mostly go on there for music; however, the other day I stumbled upon a girl who vlogs (video blogging ) and she is really entertaining. I don't know why, anyhow, I'm basically stalking her (because that's not creepy at all). And she just won 100,000 dollars for I think, but don't quote me on this, vlogging.  WTF? Why cant I win 100,000 dollars? :(  Normally, I wouldn't be jealous, actually I totally would be, but its even more not fair because this girl is already a model.. so she spends most of her time in other countries anyways.  Now if I don't know about you, but if I had 100,000 dollars, I would pick a couple places and visit like a.s.a.p. I would be a travel whore if I could be. But I don't have 100,000 dollars so ill stick to sitting on my little rock in the middle of the ocean.  BLah, moving on.

I had some weird dreams last night, but I always have weird dreams.  I think I shall start posting them every day... they are sometime quite long so ill just try to get to the gist. 

Dream #1.
 My boyfriends mothers ex-husband (confusing enough for you yet?)  murdered some random guy with two other ladies.  They like kidnapped this guy and killed him. Well my family found out about it and was like HOLD UP, your going to jail. So the whole dream was like about putting those 3 in jail, but it was a really long dream and really creepy. At one point in my dream it was like pitch black outside and I kept trying to lock the front door (because I felt like something was trying to get in, but i have no idea what it was) and the handle fell off... and I couldn't lock the door.  Weird.

Dream #2.
My old best friend and I went to Russia.... and she was going to live there for 9 years for some job she had. So I was just visiting for a couple months..well like a day into the trip i find out shes cheating on her boyfriend back home with some guy online 0.o So I call her out on it and she ends up ditching me and going back home and leaves me in Russia (because she stole my ticket home.) So I rent some hotel room out for like 24 bucks, because apparently in my dreams Russia is extremely cheap, and call my mom and make her buy me a ticket home.  Unfortunately, I had to leave Russia before I even got to really see it. :( sad.
It was weird and much longer....

I was playing electric guitar with My Chemical Romance.  They had some small gig and the electric guitar person in the band (I don't know names...sorry) couldn't make it, so um I filled in... even though I have no idea how to play electric guitar.  Really weird stuff happened there, but it would sound really weird and I have no time since I am now going to be late for class. :P


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dont you miss pogs?

I got my first comment! How exciting.  :) No really, that makes me happy.

Anyhow,  I just woke up, but theres always something to say, so I shall say it.

Please tell me you also miss pogs. Right? I know! They were the coolest shit. You'd collect a million of them in your little plastic case, you'd trade with friends the purple one for the yellow one. But where did all the pogs go? Huh? Where?  I don't know... I have no clue where mine went, I'm sure I sold them at some garage sale when I was 8.  I was quite an entrepreneur when I was younger.  I sold my favorite doll house once for money and then cried about it for a week after, but hey I was 24 bucks richer...

Anyways, obviously I don't have much to say, except all the redundant nonsense of school and work.  So I will leave you with this...

You cant tell me your not a little sad inside now.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am so hyper and I donttt know why!!!!

I havent done anything unusual.  0.o Im like jumping off the walls, I honestly dont remember the last
time I have ever felt like this. 

I have 20 pages of reading due tomorrow :O Im procrastinating.Hehe. Im also going to make my boyfriend
take me to a movie. Mark my words, because right now he is arguing with me that he is just trying to help me... PSHAw no, I want a movie night. You cant just sit at home when you have this much energy.

*Insert annoying noises here*

Okay, moving on.  I saw a lady with a shirt today that said * I am so blogging this*
Made me giggle.
Ummmm... I love when people talk about you like you cant hear them.  These two girls in my history  class they are obviously in love with each other and dont like other people near their air...I sat down next to one of the girls because it was where I sat last class. Well the girl next to her is fully like *OH SHE SAT RIGHT NEXT TO YOU* Snicker*  Like really? Are we five? Then this guy goes to sit in his seat from last class which is right in front of the other girl and she pulls the chair backwards and throws her bag on it.... REALLY? I wanted to be like, Grow up, jesus.  Anyhow, we had to get into small groups and of course I should have been in their group, but i wouldnt even give them the satisfaction of me looking over at them so I joined the group on the other side of me. I ended up grabbing my bag and changing seats, so I wouldnt have to listen to those selfish bitches! AnDDD I grab my bag and move one seat over and the girl says super loud *OH LOOK SHE TOOK HER BAG AND MOVED CHAIRS!* Like I was being the bitch. HAHA, anyhow. I find humor in people. 

Does anyone else people watch?  Its a nice pass time and because of my inward nature I people watch a lot.

Random I know, but its so interesting to watch people.  Funny, because I am like the farthest thing from a people person.  Crowds wig me the fuck out.  Bleh.

My Philosophy teacher spits when he talks.  True story. I moved back two rows today, because on the first day of class I noticed he likes to stand really close to the first row and he kind of likes the shout things...
So today I sat in like the fourth row, it was perfect. Luckily, I am far enough away from him where he wont spit on me.  I already have a quiz in his class on Friday and its only my third class! He wastes no time.

My Astronomy teacher, or I'm sorry my Archaeoastronomy teacher..(Which in case you don't know is the subject of Archaeology and Astronomy combined, to put it plainly )  made us write our names on popsicle sticks and now every class we are to put our popsicle stick into a coffee mug, in which she will randomly pick out during the class and make us read shit! I am mortified of public speaking. I worry about everything and I pronounce words weird sometimes I'm always a little paranoid about that. But I'm super excited because tomorrows class is already going to be in the planetarium, Oh, I am such a nerd!


Pushing the Positive

My migraine will not go away.
I think Ive had this one for 3 days straight. I'm not even sure what to do anymore, excendrin isn't working anymore and that use to be my miracle pill. I long ago grew immune to tylenol and advil..


Its 6:55...I should be reading my first history chapter, to start this semester off good and not fall behind. But I feel like procrastinating and complaining about my head.

Half of my throat is sore too, but not the sick sore. It feels like half of my throat got scraped off in some terrible accident. I'm just full of complaints this morning!  Taylor Swift is on the t.v. right now..... but I wont go there, its just too early for bashing. I want to start my day off positively !

So positive thinking...................................................
ya k i got nothing.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Now My Head!!!

I have a major headache, which is unfortunately becoming a daily occurrence.

I am sick, sick, of hearing my English teachers sobbing.  Both English teachers I have had give us the - I was an English major and there's no careers, blah, blah, sob, blah-  Um HELLO! You are TEACHING English. I really want to oust all teachers who don't love their subject. Why would you tell other students who OBviously want to major in English that they are making a mistake, when IN fact, they are not? If you know where you are going, if you plan out what you can do with an English degree (which is a lot if your WILLING to work...) you wont get stuck teaching it!  Bleh. So frustrating. That was my rant for the day....

Ugh my head is killing me.

First, second day of classes.  :)  This semester is going to be very interesting.

Today was my day off, but I don't feel like I had it off at all.  Oh well, that's what I signed up for!

Okay well I am going to go lay down and hopefully fall asleep forever!


Monday, January 11, 2010

My Eyes!

My head is pounding! I have been sitting at this computer putting together a *blog* for way too long.

Anyhow, more important things are at hand...such as me avoiding my first homework assignments of the semester. I am taking 5 classes this semester and working full time as a barista. I have to admit, my nerdy-ness might even be getting to ME! I went out and bought 4 new note books for my classes.  I always get so excited for the first week of classes.  I get to go buy my new textbooks and flip through them...then the first day comes and I am extremely excited until I am actually walking to the classroom. I start thinking of all the things that could go wrong.  Maybe I wont be able to find the classroom? Maybe Ill walk in on the wrong class? Maybe the teacher wont have my name on their roll call?  Why, do these things bother me? I have no idea, I worry about things way too much.  But until that moment hits, I am super excited. I have to say though, I had two of my first classes today, (History 152 and Philosophy 110), and for the first time in like 2 years I didnt get a panic attack! Im guessing that it was because I was late to my first class and had no time to over analyze the situation.  Funny, how ironic this is. I was just watching Men of A Certain Age and they actually referred to this with one of the characters, pointing out that he is always late to things so he doesnt have to think about his life.  Maybe I should start being late?
Just a thought.

On another note.
I really really want a new digital camera.
I HAD a new digital camera last week....yes, sad. The other day I turn on my camera and the whole lens got cracked some how and the camera is now worthless. 150 bucks down the drain. Yay for poor college kids.
I know this is strange, but I really want to start vloging. Funny, because I would probably record one and then watch it and never build up the courage to actually post it on youtube. So maybe my broken camera was a sign from fate? I need to stick to writing, I'm not even a people person.

Okay, well I feel like this was a successful first blog! Hopefully, I will keep up with these. I feel like I have a lot to say lately. Granted a lot to say about nothing, but in any case I still have a lot on my mind!