Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The New Scheme of Things!

Starting tomorrow I will be starting my new blogging scheme which will go as follows:
Monday =Mundane Mondays (World Topics)

Tuesday = Time Travel Tuesdays (History Topics)

Wednesday = Workout Wednesdays (Workout Topics)

Thursday = Theater Thursday (Movie Topics)

Friday = Fiction Fridays (Book Topics)

Saturday = Superficial Saturdays (Random Topics)

Sunday = Slumbering Sundays (Dream Topics)

Hopefully, this will help me stay more organized and involved. I am really excited about it and I picked topics that I know I can keep generating material for, easily.  So we*ll see how this goes and I may tweak the days as I go.  

Anyhow, thats all for tonight. I just wanted to redo my blog and get myself involved with everything again. Talking about my life constantly bores me and most of the time the things I think about and inspire me to write all stem from the ideas and topics I will be sharing soon!!

Global Suicide

Never touch a piece of Big Red gum and then itch your eye. Just trust me.

Dear Mankind, 
          By now I am sure you have heard of a little thing called Global Warming. I prefer to call this Global Suicide.  As you know us humans are the main reason this catastrophe is even happening.  We are too selfish to think that this world has any other reason than to be our slave. As a result we have caused (through air pollution) probably the worst scenario ever imagined.  Ice is melting- sea levels rising, increase carbon dioxide- increase temperatures- plant  annihilation..where do you think this chain of events leads to.. 
So...mankind, what will it take for you to realize that you are killing our Earth and everything on it(insert question mark here, because keyboard is broken) My guess....humans will continue polluting our atmosphere and within the next 100 years our Earth will continue to decline faster and faster. And by the time people actually start realizing that Global Warming (Global Suicide) is happening, it will be too late.  In conclusion: 
Take action bitches, lets start a revolution before its too late. (Unless of course your totally fine with your kids living through one of the most horrific events in history....)



Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

Three days off in a row!! Starting tomorrow... I cant wait. Although 2 out of 3 are spent at school soooo -.- Oh well.
At least I get to sleep in, thats all that really matters anyways.

Its 3:10am right now. I woke up a bit earlier then need be for my morning shift this morning SO honoring my blogging vow I decided to update real quick.

Life sucks. When you start getting one part of your life organized something comes up and just fucks something else up. Ive been doing good at work, school and even exercising and then fricken drama has to happen. (not even worth fighting for drama) thats the worst. When the argument is just sooo not even worth your time. So my plan is to just apologize (even though I still think Im in the right) and just get this out of my life, because I dont need it and it just adds to my stress.

I have Shin Splints.... very painful and the way Im dealing with them isnt very smart, but I cant lose my momentum so Im just going to keep on running through the pain of sharp daggers stabbing my shin bones.

I dont have anything philosophical to say Im sorry and this post is very mundane and boring, but its all I can do at 3am...Sorry!!!! Im off to work now, peace out hommies.. Ill get around to reading blogs today and responding (I promise) if that means anything.


Friday, September 24, 2010


Okay, I need to put a warning label on this post -.- because how I feel right now and what I am about to say is going to sound extremely cocky and stuck up, I am sorry. I am not the type of person to go around bragging etc, but this is my blog and I don't want to have to keep secrets from my own online journal! :D

*. I'm a perfectionist and this is starting to drive me insane. I got a 38 out of 40 on my Anthropology test and a 39 out of 40 on my Geography. So why then, do I feel so shitty? I feel dumb for missing those points and I cant help thinking I COULD HAVE GOTTEN 100% and I BLEW IT!

**. Good news is though...I feel pretty good about my writing. We had to write short stories for my English class and so far mine has a 96% with a couple *Really nice writing* comments and a couple circled metaphors that my teacher liked. Usually, I wouldn't feel proud,because there is always something wrong with my work to me, but my teacher wrote a book that got a couple good awards and I believe that he knows the literary world pretty well. Now, obviously, hes a teacher, so maybe he was just writing all that on my paper to be encouraging etc and he didn't really think to himself while reading my story *Hey this girl has got something here..* one can dream right>insert question mark here < Damn I need a new keyboard....

***. Since Ive started to get a good rhythm together, balancing 5 classes, 40 hours a week of work and exercising 5 days a week...Ive decided to start throwing in writing sessions back into my schedule. The past month my writing has gotten away from me, but with having to write papers for school etc I am starting to really get that itch to create some verbiage!

****. EXERCISE and EAT LESS... my main goals right now. Ive noticed, that when I work towards this goal I am able to get more things done in my life and I feel happier about everything. I also get a little bit of confidence, which I think I need. SO Ive started exercising a lot (or trying to sometimes I get off schedule with school events etc) I decided though, since my schedule fluctuates so much to not stick to a certain time or day, but rather set an *exercise at least 5 days a week motto* I walk twice a week with my mom, so that's 2 days right there. The other three I will be spending running and doing ab workouts. Anyhow, the problem with all of this is how critical I get of myself. I start going to the extreme and telling myself skipping lunches, dinners etc would be best and help me lose weight fast etc. But come on, if we*re being realistic starving yourself is great for fast results, but it wont last. PLUS I have found out that I am not exactly capable of fully starving myself. So no worries there, food is just too much of a friend these days.

Tis all for now! I have a lot of ranting to get out of my system, but hopefully soon my posts will become more entertaining, no promises!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Blogging is a lot like religion.
You blog when thinks are in the shits... you blog when life is suddenly fabulous, but when it comes to blogging about the everyday mundane you somehow fall off the wagon.  At least that's what happened to me.
 Of course you start blogging about the mundane in the beginning, but like praying you never get an answer, so then you start asking yourself what the point of it all was again...

Anyhow, luckily things are bit in the shits, which means the perfect weather for blogging, aye?  

Its been awhile, I apologize for my absence and for not keeping up to date with everybody's blogs! I really am sorry and hopefully I will get better at this.  
But lets not concentrate on what a terrible person I have been okay ?

News #1.  I have officially decided to double-major!!! After a year of thinking and brainstorming I can confidently say I will be majoring in English and Computer Science.  However, I cannot confidently say where I will be attending college......which brings me to >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
News#2.   Joes mom is losing her job, as a result...we may have to move.... and by move I mean probably states. Luckily, I have a full time job and can support myself so Im not toooooo worried, however, there are some ligistical things this situation brings up for me that has started to get me a bit stressed that...........
News#3. I have a face twitch that wont go away, if its still there tomorrow it will be the third consecutive day (everyone is telling me this can easily be caused by stress or lack of sleep) 
News#4. Back to college though...I already applied to a University for the spring and now that I have no idea what is going to happen I am a bit nervous.  My dream has always been to leave Hawaii ASAP and go to a real University on the mainland.  This whole situation can work out in about 3 different ways as I see it...1. we stay here, but probably move to a small apartment.  2. We move to a different state, I (hopefully) can transfer to a new store and keep my job, and I get into a University I have always dreamed of going to.  3. They pick a state I hate or  I cant transfer credits to a college or I cant transfer stores and I have no job....who knows what will happen.
News#5.  I have suddenly become obsessed with my weight and cant stop worrying about it all.  My goal is to become really really skinny again, but getting there is quite hard with 5 classes, 40+hrs a week at a job, a book list, a novel I am writing and a boyfriend. Im determined though and I KNOW it will happen, but right now Im just in this phase of being so ashamed of what i am now.... its a terrible thing and I wish this feeling on no one.

Thats enough bitching for one I will leave you with my new obsession....CHINCHILLAS!