Saturday, February 27, 2010


We should be fine.

The waves are very small. They do recede and come back, so they are of the tsunami nature, but not even close to what they thought. So far we are fine and we have about an hour to go before we are entirely safe!

Im going to take a nap.

I awoke to our tsunami warning...

I woke up this morning to a siren alerting us of our tsunami warning.

My heart goes out to Chile, but I cant help being a bit nervous for my own current predicament.
Luckily, our house IS on a hill; however, we are only a minute away from the shore line.

Hawaii is on high alert, I think most people are expecting the worst. I was called and told I don't have to go into work; unless, we don't get hit and our electricity is fine. I'm actually thinking, if we DO get hit then our electricity will go off for sure.  When we had our earthquake recently we lost power for 24 hours +.

I have family and friends everywhere on Oahu, as well as, on Hilo and Maui.  I just hope everyone stays safe and heeds the warnings. 

Its really mind boggling to be going through this...I feel like its all just going to pass and the tsunami isnt really real, but again, they used the alarms and EVERYTHING is closed right now.  Its a serious matter.
I look at the map and think about how far we are, but nature is an amazing thing...

This might be my last post for a couple days, hopefully, we don't lose electricity and I can update this in the next couple of hours. (We are an hour away from being *hit*) There are supposed to be a series of waves and the first isn't the cross your fingers.  If it hits my side of the island it will be really devastating. Where I am situated, I wouldn't be able to leave my house for a long time..days ...weeks...who knows.  We have a canal that connects us to the main land and if that overflows, we*re all stuck on this side. :)
I know my information is very sporadic and not thought out well, but the excitement here is unbearable. Every person is glued to their news channel. Some people are even at the beaches right now..
I had to go to my parents house to drop off their camera (My father was contacted my Colorado news and is now their updater on what is happening) so I drove past the beach and it appeared to me like our water line is receding; however, it is also close to low tide, so I'm not sure if that's just coincidence.

We will just have to wait and see....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Its currently 11:00 pm and I work at 4am tomorrow. My laundry is currently in the washer, my brain fried, and my eyeballs sting.

I have a test tomorrow, right after my 4am shift.  I just finished studying for my test; although, I just crammed all of that in about 2 hours so I'm not feeling too eccentric about it all.

I am feeling good about pumping out 10 pages of writing today though. Oh, and I got my test results back for my History and I got 101/100 :) Yay for getting the extra credit question right.
Honestly, I think people are shitting me, I don't know how I am maintaining these grades.  As you are now a witness to, I hardly study.  Maybe I just pay good attention in class? I have no idea. Anyways, because Ive been holding such outstanding grades (at a community college; can I get a big LOL) they have cordially invited me to be a part of some Kappa club. :) Oh I only have to pay a one time fee of $65.00. What happens if my grades start slipping? Do I get kicked out? What about my $65.00, do I get reimbursed?
Exactly....I don't know.

Okay, I must go get some sleep before I keep ranting on about nothing (although it can be a bit comical at times)..
P.s. Wish me luck on my Archaeoastronomy test tomorrow!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Inspiration..

So I checked my blog (which I have sadly been neglecting) and found out I have my first follower! I am so excited. :)  *Thanks for Following me you just made my day!*

Okay, so today started off great.  I finally was scheduled for a non-school day off and I was so excited. My plan was to do absolutely nothing and just write all day. 
Well last night was dads birthday and i forgot to go to breakfast with him last week, so i told him id go this morning. Oh well, just breakfast right? Thats still fun...So I went to breakfast.  I came home and was o so tired, so i said *I can just sleep!* So I slept for the next 4 hours...soon I realized my day was trying to get away so I got up.. I got up and brainstormed. Wrote some stuff out, typed out an official page.  Then got writers block. So I step away and text my boyfriend to bring me a smoothie home and I have a voicemail.
Oh, shit. Its work.
Yupp, I got called into work.  There are about 5 other people I can think of off the top of my head, why do I have to be called? Why couldnt my store manager have said *oh hey, sarah always picks up shifts she hasnt had one day off this week, ill just work a little longer -dont call her !*
Of course not, we re living in reality sweetheart -not my head.  Anyways, I felt really guilty for saying I couldnt cover it, because yes I told my parents I might come up to their house tonight (my cousins in town). But the reality of the situation is I totally was going to go up there for like 5 minutes and then leave. So I called back and being the nice, walking mat, that I am...I agreed to come in for an hour or so to help cover breaks. So an hour, thats not bad at all... so why do I still feel so pissed?
I really have all the reasons in the world to be happy right now and I find myself laying in bed moping because an hour of my relaxing day gets stolen away from me.

Im also kind of kicking myself in the head for eating so horribly today... oh well! Its just one day! Tomorrow will be better and Ill even go exercise.

If you haven't caught on this is really just me telling myself to stop being an emotional little baby.

On the up and up, I almost paid off all my bills, Im saving up money for a back packing trip through Europe and I officially have a great storyline and outline for my first novel.  (Now I just have to write it, which I am beginning to realize is the harder part...)

So im going back to writing before I go to work.....and you know what Im going to smile, because life just isnt that bad and I need to get over myself.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thats Life..

Good ole Frank Sinatra is rolling around my head right now..

I am so bogged down with things to do I can barely find time to breath.  And lately Ive come to the horrid revelation that I am getting fat. I suddenly have a new appreciation for the size 7, unlike when I was 13 I used to think 7 was for fat I'm thinking 7 looks skinny and very very appealing.  So I'm cutting out junk food and I want to throw in exercise, but I'm lacking energy and time.  It will happen though, Ive hit my bottom with weight I'm only going down from here.

I wrote several pages the other day (towards my novel) I actually am really enthralling myself in this new world/story. Hopefully, I can keep myself entertained long enough to finish it.  That was my goal with turning on the computer..I was going to type out the 7 pages I hand wrote.  And by the way, yes, I hand write my work. Why? I wish I knew, it would save me so much time if I could just sit up here and type it all out immediately, but my brain works in mysterious ways.  My creative juices flow to much more evenly if I write it out, I can get like 7 pages done in an house, but ask me to sit and type it out (before writing it) and Ill sit there for an hour with a sentence, then give up because it sucks.
Haha, oh well.
So now I have to type/edit my words.

I also have to be at work in 2 hours. Hopefully, I don't get murdered by the angry homeless person I keep kicking out of our store.  Hes been there everyday so far and everyday I tell him to leave.  He puts his grubby feet on our couches and throws his shit around and then when I tell him to leave yells at all of the employees and calls us Bitches etc. lol  Anyhow, on top of crazy people, I am working on getting myself promoted. Which is definitely going to happen, just not in the time frame of my dreams.  I guess July is where they are looking.
But I have a meeting with one of my head manager at the beginning of March. I was told I need to be more professional in the way I speak. So I'm a little nervous about this meeting.  But regardless, I will speak eloquently and impress her. (I hope)  Ive already put together a whole binder of projects Ive been working on and today I should be adding a couple more projects on to my plate.  I'm controlling the whole ordering of our store right now, trying to up the customer scores we receive every month, training someone to take my place, taking control of food ordering (going to work on that today), and learn from back to front how coffee is made, where it comes from, how, etc etc...
Ive already memorized quite a lot of facts about how, now I'm working on the purchasing and the different type of blends we have.
I'm pretty sure if all of that doesn't impress someone and they are still focused on me being *young* Ill kick their ass.
Yes, I'm young, but hell I could run a fricken store better than half of the managers we have. I actually had a dream last night that my old store manager saw all I was doing and said *We*re going to have to promote you one level higher!* lol

Wow, I have ranted a lot. Theres still so much more, I havent even touched on school right now, but I will have to save that for later.. I should be typing out my pages or studying anyways.