Works of a Dreamer

       Just a couple Poems I have written.

                   Ill post more as time goes on...

                           I have quite a lot!

My Affair

"What I love most in life"

I can't explain this affair, it's far too beautiful for words.
Emotions swim through my veins as every note is played
My heart is spilling with each word
My mind is racing forward

I'm gone
Gone to another world far away
Problems don't exist and my heart reigns
Every dream, hope, and goal I strive for is reached here

 I listen
The words speak to my soul
My body is awakening
This is me
This is who I am

I yearn
For this feeling to never end
But it will and it does

I'm back
To reality, where to world is cruel and unfair
Where my every fear is hiding in the shadows,
Waiting for the perfect moment to jump me.

I'll go back
Daily, I go back to my secret place within myself
To the comfort of who I really am inside
Where my heart reigns and my body awakens.
My soul, my life, my core,
is Music.

© 2009 Jewels


If I Could...

All the crazy things one might wish to do.

If I could...

I would soar across the sky.
Travel to different continents and in each wear a new disguise.
I would fling my self from a cliff and
Falling free, I would hit my destiny.
I'd see the hope of my future flash before my eyes
But then I'd continue to fall into a glass sea-
And with a cry,
I'd swim across that ocean faster than any fish
And I'd get to see in motion the inner workings that the world has to miss.
I'd dance on the moon and sing to the stars
And laugh with people that we think are on mars.
I'd camp in the jungle and jump through the trees.
I'd lay on the ground and let cheetah's sniff me.
I would tickle a bear and pet a baby lion.
I would love to hike up great mountains, without really trying.
Playing in the snow, I'd make a castle so big it would grow,
Into a stable home in which I would subside until I got old.
I'd love with a passion deeper then life
And never tell a lie even when stricken with strife.
I'd run through the clouds and look down on the earth
And find out the reasons humans were birthed.
I'd dream all day long even with my eyes open
And write a hit song that would start a revolution.
I'd swim with the sharks and sleep with the whales
I'd feed all the starving mouths in the world.
Striving for peace and freedom for all nations,
I might become a candidate and control the population.
I would paint up a masterpiece so skillfully flawless
That everyone would flock to my picture jawless.
I might put pen to paper and write a great novel
Even better then these modern day marvels!
If I could, If I could,
and I should, but I would
Complete all these things
And live out my dreams!

© 2009 Jewels

Dancing with the Devil

When your torn between abstracts of right and wrong...

Your igniting my heart on fire

Do you even know what your doing to me?

I feel the twisting and turnings of inscruitable harmony.

Your face taunts my memories and I wonder daily

Why did this happen to me?

What ever happened to the line between reality and make-believe.

Your creeping and crawling under my skin

How much longer can I live covered in sin?

It tastes so sweet, but smells so bad this intolerable inkling I have.

Your whispering now, you tickle my heart

Why do I feel this, Im falling apart!

Your haunting my dreams and dawning a haze

Its now impossible to go about my day

                                                   I thought I had it all under control

But Im submiting and permitting this to absolve

Your words they caress me and melt me down

Ive lost all my senses to the demons Ive found

Out here in the wilderness of my heart

Im coming to terms with sacrilegious arts.

Youve consumed me now, its done

Ive forfeited all my rights with this one

Im closing my eyes and imagining your smile

                                           As I dance with the devil, I have known quite awhile.

© 2009 Jewels

After The Sun Sets

"When you feel broken"

                                                    One day has come to an end
but you are left empty again.
You try to move by it.
You try to move on.
But this feeling is building
and getting so strong.

You close your eyes to the setting sun
But your day has really just begun.
You feel sorrow pulling your heart
Knocking and mocking
tearing violently apart.

The tears, they come easy
as you let yourself fall
back into your world
where theres nothing at all.

You don't have to pretend to be lonely
or broken inside
You don't have to hide from the lie
Thats undoubtedly your life.

What once was happiness
no longer is
But you continue to live... breath

Just as is.

© 2009 Jewels

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