Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My car died today.

I have no car.

I have a 40 hr a week job and 4 classes and no car.

I would be crying right now, but my dad just told me he is probably going to get laid off his job and so it kind
of put me in my place.  My dad is my mom and grandmas sole source of income, we live in hawaii, if he loses his job I have no idea what he will do.  He has no degree etc...

I missed my class today.

Monday, March 29, 2010

And so it begins...

Back to the nitty gritty people.

School starts tomorrow and I have a test in 2 days.  Its time to stop fooling around! I am excited though that maybe I can get back into a routine. I dont realize how much I really depend on those.

Tomorrow is my day off. I have to wake up early though and get to class. (Bleh)
Im going to go running after classes although im really nervous because I have a hugggeee blister from burning my foot. If I had a camera that worked I would totally show you guys my battle wounds...but ya. Just imagine a huge blister on the top of your foot. I dont know what to do because this is a vital time for me these next couple weeks determine whether I am really serious about getting back into shape (which I really am) HOwever, all excuses aside...if I pop this bad boy........I was warned of infection.....which could lead to amputation.... lol okay maybe a little to dramatic there, but no seriously, Im not sure what to do. . . . . should I run on it?


My shift today was never ending omg.  I worked from 2-10:00 last night woke up at 5 this morning to be at work by 6:00am and worked until 3:00... thats a full day with no real break working...isnt that just cruel? Even my customers were like, *what are you still doing herE?* I was like...*BELIEVE ME IM ASKING MYSELF THE SAMMMMMMMMME THING!*

Im tired. But I have so much to do.
Peace and Love 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Burnt Foot

Today was a good day. (Aside from the pouring 200 degree water on my foot and all...ya lets just say I screamed a lot and threw my shoe off like it was the devil)

Anyhow, but besides all that drama! I got up at 10am this morning (on my own, no alarm clock needed) and I got on the computer and thought about procrastinating...but I didnt! I got up, put on my running clothes...laid on the bed thinking about how I dont HAVE to go....and then finally got up and went running.
The whole time I run this is my thought process:

*im almost there, im almost there, I want to be really skinny, Im almost there, remember that fat your burning, a few more steps, to the end of the street, remember the fat!*

Yupp, but hey, at the end of the day I ran the whole loop without stopping. Thats pretty good for only a weeks worth of running.
So that of course was an awesome was to start my day and make me feel great (makes you wonder why its so hard to go do it then right?)
Then I came home and just fooled around on the intranet (my fancy word for Internet, dont hate.)
 Went to work where I burned my already sore foot (ya weird I woke up feeling like my foot has been stepped on by a 500 pound sumo wrestler) BUT (heres the good part) I got to see Jamie Lee Curtis.....Who?
Her! lol Remember her now? Yupp, the chick in Freaky Friday with Lindsey Lohan (now the fact that this is the only movie I can remember her from is pretty sad, but hey im 19! ) She came into my store today and my co-worker who helped her was freaking out! It was so cute..when she left she said *Peace and Love Ladies*
I thought the picture was quite appropriate.

Anyhow, then Joe came down and had lunch with me which I thought was really sweet. So even though work is totally stressing me out and I feel like crying, I had a good day. Im not looking at the bad! (Even though I closed *got home at 10pm* and now have to go back for 6am...) Im keeping my chin up!!!!!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

I plan....

I plan on going running today (but dont hold me to that!)

Im easily distracted.

There are so many things I wish I could do, but not enough time in the day!

I want to go for a run and then come home and still have plenty of time to write/read and fool around on the internet, but I only have 3 hours.........1 hour spent running, 1 hour spent doing something else and 1/2 hour getting ready and then one more 1/2 hour...thats not much time before work to do anything.  Thats when I end up saying fuck running ill stay home and devote 3 hours of my time to one thing...then again thats the attitude that made me gain all this weight in the first place so maybe I really shouldnt listen to its advice?

Anyhow, school starts soon and although Ive promised to work on my homework I havent.

Its really not hard at all, but I wanted to get ahead and since getting ahead isn't due on Monday (nor is my actual homework) I have procrastinated and given myself a weeks oasis.

The water in my house finally went back to normalISH. It was like really white and then would evaporate, but leave a bunch of bubbles...Joe said he looked it up and its calcium build up in our pipes. As you can imagine this was my face...
But he said calcium build up wouldnt harm us... hmm well now the water is clear again so hopefully all is okay.
Still...so gross.

Okay well im off to start my short full of nothing day.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Crazy Hair

Yesterday I got absolutely nothing accomplished.

However, I got to spend the whole day with Joe and that makes it all okay. :)
We never get a chance to hang out anymore and he offered so I said *HEll YA*

Today I have work so that cuts into a big chunk of my time. But Im going to be a good girl and study.

For some reason I am at a total lack of words.  0.o
Alright then...I guess I should go put my words to use elsewhere!

This is the face I will leave you with... (from little me)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The worst dreams...

I failed to mention my dreams yesterday.  Mainly, because they were so gross.  Peoples ligaments got chopped off and husbands murdered by a psycho perv who was chasing after me and planning on killing Joe.. just stuff like that! But then tonight, I had an even worse dream.  My nephew died.  Yes...the whole dream I was crying hysterically. Wailing...Ive never actually wailed before (I don't think, maybe I did when grandpa died?) But thats how sad I was I was full on wailing.  I dreamt that I was at his funeral and I felt like I was holding him and his soft baby skin. It was too much, even now while I type it my heart feels heavy and Im starting to panic.  Ive only ever seen him a handful of times (he is only a year old) but that connection you have with family is something else...its just unreal. So anyways I like redreamt the dream (if it wasnt bad enough to have it the first time) First I dreamed he died and I went to his funeral. But then...I dreamed I was at school and trying to get away and then I remembered he died and today was his funeral. I look at the time and its like 3:40pm and his funeral was supposed to start at 2:00pm. So now Im crying all over again and trying to drive, but then im on a bike and the funeral is right down the street, but I cant pedal anymore. My feet wont move and Im just wailing on the side of the road. The funeral is over.  I cant move. I wake up.

Well! Nice way to start my day right?
Believe me the last thing I feel like doing is going running, but I sure hope I can just get past this funk and get my ass up later. 

Our water is running white. What does that even mean? I think they are working on it right now....but gross. I dont even think taking a shower is healthy right now (which might be a good excuse not to go running, how will I shower afterwards?)

I really need to start working on my paper/ studying.
I will I promise.

I cant believe its already Thursday.

My bank called me this morning too....really weird. Some lady left a message...but I have no idea why she would be calling?
Makes me nervous. As if I dont have enough things that I worry about add on my bank....sheesh thats bad. I tried to call back but the number is unknown. So then I tried calling the bank, but I have this really weird complex...so when the message started talking to me and asking me to press a number I just hung up because I have NO idea what number Im supposed to press to talk with this lady called Gay. So my phone is on loud and I just hope she calls back....

Tough life right?
Hehe have a wonderful day friends!


Jon gave me this awesome award!
The rule is to pass it to 10 buddies, but I only really have 4. <3

1. Jon
2. Lexa
3. AlainaRose
4. Kyle

Okay so I went running again :) Yay!  It feels so good.. Oh, ya I was going to mention. I DO have a knee brace but I have no idea where it is at the moment. :( So I have been running without it (even though thats not very smart, but i am very desperate to run) I technically should be wearing 2 anyways...looks like I might need to go buy some.

Anyhow, so Ive been running and reading.  I havent started yet on my paper and studying for my test...which I really need to. I have tomorrow off though and Im going to try and get a lot of that done tomorrow!

Eat Pray Love is an amazing book I totally recommend it!

Um ya, just got off work....not too much is happening here. OHH.... I went  to go see Remember Me (yes with Robert Pattinson) thinking...it was a chick flick... Um no, most depressing movie EVER. Thats all im going to say.

Okay...im off for now..Ill put a more coherent post together tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You guys are awesome!!


I love you guys, thanks for cheering me up!

Ive had a rough couple of days and Im just going to blame it all on my hormones. :) Can I do that? Please?

Lol, but im better again.  Im very happy to get to read and write again today.  Im also going to run! (Now I really HAVE to go running) Im also going to try to meditate a little. 

I also set a nice little date night with Joes mom. We have both been in a weird funk so we*ve decided some a chick flick Movie night and some Panda Express would cheer us up.  Its already working!

My legs/stomach STILL hurt from that work out the other day...its actually really funny, it just shows everyone how out of shape I am.  I am a little nervous about my knees though I noticed the muscles around them are really really sore. I just hope that knee cap stays in its socket.  The second it pops ill be back on my butt again scared to go running.

Alright well I dont have much else to say that I havent already. I could go on and on about nothing, but that would be just a LITTLE annoying. :0)



Ireland, Scotland, England, Switzerland, Italy...maybe Austria and Germany (we havent fully decided)

I am sooooo excited!!!!
It wont be for another year and a half but its something to look forward to!


Its once again 3am. I hardly slept last night, I got maybe an hour of sleep.  But for some reason I dont feel tired... I have to go work..

I talked things through with Joe.  Basically, I need to find a way to occupy my time.  Hes in this rut and I have to just leave him be.  Its really hard..yesterday was the worst. A whole day off and I wanted to just melt away the whole day. I read a lot and now Im almost done with Eat Pray Love. Ill probably finish it off today (that is unless Im really good and actually start on my homework)
Im not sure yet how I will keep myself 100% occupied.  

I think Im going to learn meditation. 
I tried yesterday and it felt like for a few seconds I actually did melt away; it was nice.

The obvious answer to all of this is to write the rest of my novel.  And im working on it, but its really hard for me sometimes. Its just so in my head that sometimes I forget I even need to write it all down.

But ill try. Thats really what my main goal should be...

Hopefully, Ill go running again today. My body ached like crazy yesterday, but thats a good sign. :)

Ta ta for now.

Monday, March 22, 2010

What do I do...

Im trying so hard to keep it all together, to pretend like my life is right where I want it. But in reality I am breaking down inside, I am screaming and throwing things and wanting so badly to just thrash my head against a wall.  I work so hard and yet I come home and get ignored. I feel like I have nobody.  Im all alone again and its the worst feeling to feel alone when your technically NOT alone. I try to distract myself from the fact that *hes on the computer talking to some girl online and im right behind him reading a book wishing he would get off the computer and really spend time with me.  I made the mistake last night of trying to get involved again in his online world....ya I was talking to him online and he typed something to me that he meant to send to her... god do i feel like crying. I feel like crying so badly. I had nightmares all last night about this. Maybe im just being insecure...but I really feel like hes drifting far away from me. Im reading Eat Pray Love and omg Ive been laying there crying with this book because I know exactly how she feels. Except I had my pyscho phase of laying on the bathroom floor crying and cutting myself and then I got sent to a therapist who is a joke and finally I decided to just hide it all away.  Everyone thought I was crazy and that those emotions were purely because I was 18 and going through hard times.  No, its because im so insecure and he is so far away from me. I dont feel pretty, needed, wanted, none of what I feel like girls feel like.  I used to at least feel like I knew we belonged together and I knew he loved me more than anything and you know what I am starting to doubt it all right now. Im trying hard not to...but i cant do it any longer. I have to keep myself busy and independent. I cant depend on people, because nobody is ever there.
What I would give for a best friend.  Somebody I could just go spend time with and cry with and they would understand and still love me. All I have here is my mom, who is great and all but telling her everything is just going to make her angry I think. I dont want people to be angry at him ...it is what it is. If he isnt in love with me anymore than so be it.  But he wont admit it...and thats whats driving me insane. I have to get away today or something. I just have to get out of the house... I can sit here and wait and watch.

I feel like throwing up.

Im sorry this entry is so depressing.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ahhh a day to myself....

Its only 11:21 am and I already accomplished everything I wanted to do today, running!!!!
Yes! I finally did it, I got my lazy ass up and went running. Oh it felt so good. The last two nights Ive been dreaming about playing soccer again. Oh, whatd I give to play again. I just might too, I was talking to Joe about it last night. He used to appose the idea of me starting, yet another thing in my life. But I never get to exercise anymore and he agreed that I should have something in my life to do besides work and school. And soccer, is perfect, because I can get all my aggression out in a healthy way! :D
I am so excited.  The only rough part about it all are my knees....I just really hope I can ACTUALLY play again...I might have to be a field player instead of goalie idk..that would suck, but its better than nothing I finally decided.

Okay so I have today off and my goal is to read more of Eat Pray Love and to write/type out a couple more pages for my book.  Doesn't that sound like the best day ever?

So far I have 2 book recommendations:
 Demian by Herman Hesse
A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

Thank you for suggesting those they are going on my list. : D

If anyone else wants to suggest a book please do!!! I am longing to grow my list!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Book Nerd

Hello World.

Today is a good day!
I have officially paid off my computer. :) Suck that Best Buy!

I am also happy to report that I wrote 4 pages yesterday (in logic class might I add).
Contrary to what you are thinking (that writing during one of my classes is not a good idea) I would like ease your worried mind by letting you know it is a FANTASTIC idea and I wish I had thought of it earlier!
Logic is so boring and a huge waste of my time, the material is 1+1=1 (except in symbol format so more like.... p + p =p... useful right?) Anyhow, so now I will not be wasting time in class at all. Its perfect.

I am also excited because today is Saturday and although I have to work in a couple hours, it is my last day of work for the next 2 days! I get 2 FULL days off!!!!! I will do absolutely nothing. (well thats a lie im sure lots of Gilmore Girls, reading, and writing will happen)

Yes, in case I haven't already mentioned it, I basically only watch Gilmore Girls. I own all 7 seasons and I have watched them all through...id say more than 5 times each season. Dont ask me how I watch them over and over and over without getting bored...I'm not entirely sure myself. All I know is there is always some new reference/joke in there I seem to get and thats entertaining enough for me.

I just started reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (when I say JUST I mean like 5 minutes ago)
I am determined to start my reading again and hardcore, because a good writer is one who reads and one who reads ALL genres..

So...I'm asking YOU for book recommendations! Then depending on how many I get, Ill put the book choices up in my poll and that will determine what book I read next.

When I finish each book Ill give my two cents.. :) Sound good? Good. Honestly, I dont care how it sounds to you, because I am excited about it and thats all that matters. <3
So start recommending books!!!
P.S. I finally added a new page to my blog! :D The Book Nook. 

 Current Book:

Progress:  Just Started!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Im done focusing on reality.  Seriously, its all out the door for me. From now on reality is just something I have to deal with and my imagination is where I will survive.

I need to start writing again, even if its just a page a day.

I start tomorrow and I will start keeping track of how many pages I have written for that day and how far I have come in the overall process.

So far I have 1 chapter.

I know you might be wondering what the hell I am writing about; to put it in its simplest form...I am writing about a girl on a different world who is greeted with great trials... :)  The genre is Fantasy.

As for my day..well by the introduction you can just tell the ending wasnt the greatest.
I did however, get a nice little ego booster from my English teacher who told me to submit my essay about Ambrose Bierce into a contest for $500.00.

I ended up going to see Green Zone tonight....after coming out of that movie I really realized what a bunch of morons live in this world.  Is nobody competent?  Honestly, I doubt it. Which is one of the many reasons why it is best to go back to my world within my imagination and ignore reality entirely; its the only thing that I have to rely on anymore.

Night World.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Template....

Yay for new organization of my blog..Im really just happy that we made that slideshow work :)

Hopefully, everyone can read my green font! (also, Ill be changing the *description* of my blog to a new song roughly* every day.. it will be my song of the day! )

Okay, so quick update, because I woke up late and still have to straighten my hair before class!

Work life:
* My meeting went well the other day.  I am terrible at public speaking, but luckily I knew almost everyone in that tiny room and it wasnt ask hard as I thought it would be.
*I have to have a conversation with someone tomorrow about the way they speak to people etc...and thats going to be hard so cross your fingers for me!

School Life:
*Got an A on my Archaeoastronomy...I think it was an A? 21/25? maybe thats like a B+? But, any odd, I think its pretty good.
*I have 2 classes today (even though its my day off...sigh)
*My logic professor is dumb.
*I have a history test coming up in a week...

Love Life:
*Im jealous and insecure.

Personal Life:
*Im tired
*Ive gained way too much weight and im depressed
*I sound like a 13 year old going through puberty^

Fun stuff!
By the way, I am sad about my fluctuating weight, but im not REALLY depressed Im just a drama queen.

Also...Ive been mentally working on my book since I havent really had time to actually sit down and write some more stuff out. But im still really excited about my story line etc and thats huge for me!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


First Id like to start with thanking Jon!  He gave me this award... :) With it comes a couple instructions so Ill share.

  1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
  4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award 
Seven things about myself...
1. I live in Hawaii
2. I love soccer and was a goalie for 9 years, but recently had to stop because of knee complications  :(

3. My favorite color is purple (and at one point I had purple hair- not my whole head though)
4. I have 2 older brothers and 1 older sister. (Ben= 13yrs older, Jon=11yrs older, and Michelle = 6years older)
5. I love to read
6. I am working on my own novel
7. I love Boston

 Okay! Now I will pass this award along, I dont know 15 bloggers, but oh well!

1. Cardiac Outbursts
2.  Everybody is somebody else*s weirdo

Id pass one to jon, but that seems a little silly! :)

Thats it for today... Happy St. Patricks Day !!! and yes, I am in fact a wee bit o Irish.

I cant wait to go put on shamrock earrings!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

long long long long long

Long day..
Double shifts, 2 hours of sleep, mid-term and a meeting that I had to speak at.  Its finally all over and I am going downstairs to do absolutely nothing and fall asleep. Thank the gods.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Daylight savings kiss my ass

Went to a movie tonight because I got off work early for Once in my life! And guess what happens...we*re an hour late to the movie because the times were posted as daylight savings time.... :( Stupid Hawaii.

No movie for me.


Work was stressful like always....Homework is piled up like always...Im tired like always....


Sunday, March 14, 2010


I went to go see a production of Hair last night. It was very good :)Of course I had equally weird dreams all night...

I dreamt that some woman was following me and ran into my old room and tried to shut her out but she just changed into this shadow paper thing and came through the crevice under my door. 0.o It was weird; finally, at the end of the dream I found out that she was actually a good person and the whole reason she was there was because I needed her and had willed her to myself.  Its hard to explain.

Better than the nights before dreams though...where everyone was getting their heads chopped off and then it was between me and Joe and one of us would have had to get our heads chopped off too and luckily I started a revolution in my dream. Obviously, I had this dream because of History class, we*ve been talking/reading about the French Revolution. Makes Sense.

Okay Peace

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Clopen, the word used when working a close shift and an opening shift back to back.

*yawn* Now its time to open...

Im supposed to go see the musical Hair tonight, it should be rather fun, but right now Im just focusing on staying awake for the next 8 hours to finish up my shift.

People who don't get their coffee are very scary, just saying.

Today I start day 1 of my new little diet/a.k.a not eating a bunch of crap.

Im going to do it...because my pants have gotten tighter. *sad face*

I have to walk to my car soon and its 4am again...you can only imagine what thoughts are going through my head. But have no fear, I am going to carry a mini hand knife...dont mess with me, is all I have to say, I might just pull a  Laura Croft on your ass.  Croft or Kroft? I dont know, its been ages since Ive seen those movies!

Im sooo tired, did I mention that yet, because I am?

I couldnt fall asleep until like 12:40am.....yupp and I got up at 3:20.....you do the math Im tired.
 Here are some pictures from a hike I did a little while ago and the last is from my balcony...enjoy.

Friday, March 12, 2010

This Is War.

It has begun, my official fued with my Logic teacher (who is in no way logical at all)
He minused 23 points from my test even though I got ALL the answers right. My grade should have been a 95.
I am beyond pissed.  And on top of all that he never gave us the homework back for that section of the test! So how the hell was i supposed to know that me working out the problem on the side of the page wasnt okay?
Is that really worthy of minus-ing 23 fucking points? No, you dumb old fucking illogical teacher, it is NOT okay. And I will fight for my A, because I knew every goddamn thing on that test and did amazing!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I always thought the whole *I suddenly have followers* was all BS, but now I am a believer.  I went from 2 followers to 14 followers :) Hehe, thanks guys!
I hope I dont disappoint.

I was not late this morning to work (amazing) I left the house at 4:05am, so I thought for sure I would be late. I have to park outside of my house, we live in this gated community and I don't have a parking spot. :( So at 4am I walk out to my car oh just like 5 billion miles away. Its dark and the wind violently tears at the leaves above..I have to admit to you right now I'm a total wimp. All I kept thinking about was that girl who got stolen while she was running! That 17year old...that's so sad. But I thought about it and she was running...here I am walking..stumbling actually, I'm sure I'm not in as good as shape as that girl could I really out run a pursuer? What if they just snuck up on me, jumped from the bushes with a knife at my throat?  Yes, these are things I contemplate as I walk to my car..My car is now in sight and I start thinking, Should I run? I could just book it to my car....but wouldn't that be funny? A neighbor is just walking past their window and they see some girl running, randomly, from absolutely nothing.  It isn't logical to be so scared.

Obviously, all went well and I am safe! :) Imagine that.  Anyhow, so I was asked to read *The One Minute Manager* and I did, well I haven't completely finished it yet, but I have already been trying to apply some of these er lessons.?  So I made a little chart at work and put everyone's names on it and every week we will have a like employee of the week ordeal.  I wrapped a little box today in hot pink and lime green wrapping paper; the election box.  Everyone picks a candidate and the person with the most votes at the end of the week winssssss *drum roll* uh a bag of candy.  Cheesy, dumb, lame, but I'm not rich so don't mock!  I just want people to feel appreciated again for working hard, nobody recognizes anyone anymore, such a shame!

Which leads me into the rest of my amazing, fantastic, fun filled day.  ( I like adjectives.)
I was late to class today. Bummer. And I forgot to grab the study guide for the test on Tuesday *mental note to print out the study guide* *2nd mental note of no ink in printer...*
After my first class I went to the mall to buy some candy (yes, for my cheesy prizes) and goody bags. I grabbed some grub, which I told myself not to get. Panda Express, one of the many reasons I have gained my freshman 5 and I need to stop before it turns into a full fledged 15.

I contemplated skipping my American Lit class again, but then realized that would be 3 classes in a row I would have missed and decided to just suck it up.  The drive is long, but oh well.  Of course, I had just sat there the whole class as my teacher asked us questions about the characters in *The Death of a Salesman* I only watched the first half of the video so I didn't know what the outcome was.  Now I don't even need to read it (but you know I will, because I love reading anyways) the teacher just started blurting out things like *Because Willy ends up committing suicide...* and I wanted to shout *HE DID?* I just nodded pretending like I had done my homework.  My group kept looking at me for the answers, since normally I'm a great student and have my own strong opinions on the literature we are assigned to read. I can usually find the hidden meanings etc...but today I just kept looking down at my shoes, that by the way look good but hurt my feet like a bitch. So that was basically my day and then I just ended it off by eating way too many pizza rolls and watching Gilmore Girls for the 50 millionth time. god I love that show.
If I could zap myself into any show or movie...oh It would so be Gilmore Girls, don't you just wish life was actually like that?  mmm, okay enough with the novel, Im off to bed!


Hey there you hot thing, Quickie?

Yes, I think a Quickie sounds nice, dont you?

If you havent noticed my apostrophes are still broken on my keyboard....the things I procrastinate about!

Im about to head into work, I start at 4:15am. Yes, Im tired.

I have about 3 minutes to finish this blog off before going down stairs and grabbing string cheese and pudding and running out the door to slip on my soaking wet shoes, because Im sure it rained last night and I left my work shoes (all black vans) outside again (like an  idiot). Ive only got myself to blame.

Work, Class, Class. Thats my schedule today, Id like to say Im going  to throw in a Run after that last class, but the reality of this is...you know I wont. As much as I want to fight for being stick thin again its so hard to pick myself up when I get home and am glued to the bed.

Other than the usual I have decided to do the Me vs. College challenge. Yes..me blogging everyday is a little scary I know, but together we will work through it, I have faith. (Not in god though, please dont get me wrong.)

Okay times up.

Farewell my friends.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dear Ambrose Bierce...

Ambrose my pal, my friend, I am very sorry that people have forgotten all about the incredible writer that you were. Not only were you witty with your words you introduced twist endings which us Americans use and abuse.
But please, don't be disheartened...I will bring you back into the world of learning. The good news is they haven't kicked you out of the canon...yet....there are some who are unbelievers, but don't mind them they don't even know how to tie their own shoes (I hear velcro is the new shoelace). 

Anyways, besides keeping Ambrose Bierce relevent... I have been spending a whole lot of time with family!
How very exciting?
To an extent...I love my family, but I do love my time to myself.
I skipped my American Literature class today. I feel guilty, which is funny because this is college! But suddenly I feel behind or like a huge slacker.  Its that perfectionist in me!  Ive been getting 22s out of 25s on my Astronomy tests, but for some reason I have a B....I'm working hard to raise that, I need an A.

I set up all the spring promotional items last night for my store.  I think it looks good, but again there are a couple details I wish I had more time to play with. :/

I do, however, have two days off!! I have school of course, but still 2 days is like gold.  I'm about to go downstairs and watch Lost and Parenthood with my little family unit. :)  Cant wait!

Im sorry for the total organization of this entry...obviously I have been totally exhausted the last couple of times I have been able to make entries. I should have some pictures of me and my nephew soon to post! I fed him shave ice today, a Hawaiian snack.  We tried to go to the beach, but the rain and wind ended our trip as soon as we got out of the car!

Toodles for now...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Managment and Babies

Oh my. Whatttt a week.
I have not had a second to do anything.
I get in my car go to work then go to school then go back to work then go to my parents house to visit with familly, get home at 10 and crash.
Rinse and repeat!

Anyways my family is visiting for my nephews first birthday!
Adorable right?

The even cuter part is he looks like me when I was a baby. He scrunches up his face allll the time and we have pictures of me doing the same thing. hehe
(thats my brother in the picture btw)

So thats whats going on with family. Its nice to hang out with my brothers and their wives. We all went out to eat last night and we all want to go see Alice in Wonderland. :) I just wish my sister was here to share in the fun, but at least shes coming for my brothers wedding in July. (I havent seen her in 3 years!)

Besides all of that....
I have school of course, every day of the week.
Im doing good though. I have a couple tests next week, but oh well.

And then...
Theres work.  Im working on becoming a manager within my job and let me tell you its hard.
Im only 19 and having to tell all these people who are like 8 years older than me that they need to
shape up is a little intimidating.  But I got to do what I got to do....
I'm supposed to sit down with my actual managers and lay some things on the table, as far as what Ive been seeing etc.  If they are both there today it will happen today... so wish me luck!
Just lots of coaching.. and also order management. Ive taken over all the ordering in my store and created a set PAR system; now I have to teach it to other people and make sure they follow it...
Other than all that my meeting went well yesterday, I think I definitely impressed my district manager and I hope to just keep doing so. Ill be presenting all that Ive been working on at a District Meeting, so that's really cool.
Anyhow, I ve got to go jump into the shower!
Until next time..