Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hey guys lots has been going on!   The internet at my house got turned off for a bit because of some circumstances.Its actually a good thing and we*re working on getting my wireless card working, but as of right now im using joes moms laptop. :) Ill be able to post, but not as often. Even though lately Ive been hardly been posting (sorry).
Ive been working and running. Thats my life.  And now joe is being more active and wanting to hang out so I hardly have moments to myself! <3 but thats okay, Im very very happy and am excited to see what happens this summer. This might actually be the first summer I enjoy in a looonngg time.

Work is going like shit though.  We have a new assistant manager who has been in the company for 2 months and thinks she knows everything. But anyhow...ill talk to you all later... so much to vent about !!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 minutes

I have 5 minutes to make a quick update.

Its 4am again...time to head to work.  I love and hate this early morning shift.  I even went to bed at 7 last night, but for some reason the ungodly hour of 3:30am is just too hard to wake up at.  I went running yesterday! I didnt do as well as I thought I would, but hey I didnt do my worst either.  Although, I did almost pass out from not drinking water all day. I get these insane headaches after running if I dont drink water. So Ill be drinking a couple glasses today, for sure.

AHH Time has run out.

Ill update the second Iget home from work WITH pictures. Ill just leave some keywords...


*And a ton of other things that wont come to my mind right now..

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I went to Hilo and ate like shit.  I havent ran in 3 days and I feel like a loser.  I was planning on running today,but I got barely any sleep on my trip and those were my days off.  So I took a nap on the couch and now its too late.
Anyyhow. Ill post pictures later, Im still tired.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Sorry I have been such a terrible blogger!

Good news is, Ive been running and walking every day!  Also, I completely changed my eating habits and now Im eating really healthy and tracking it all on this website that helps me track the calories I burn etc.
Ive already lost 3 pounds. :) My goal is to lose 20ish, not sure if thats even possible, but well find out.

Im about to go see Date Night with Joes mom and her boyfriend whos visiting from Missouri.  Hes really nice and I cant wait for him to move in with us and become part of our little family unit. :)

Aside from working out etc, Ive been working. Thats about it. This summer is dedicated to getting in shape and making money. 

Im also going to be flying over to Hilo this week to go see my cousin get married! Cant wait..okay more details later gotta go!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Im doing it

I woke up at 7am this morning and put on my running shoes!

I did a run and then a walk and then some crunches! I exercised for a total of 2 hours. :)
Lol, which I need to up by like 3 more hours ><
And Ive been eating a lot better! I eat breakfast and then a small snack then lunch, then a small snack and then dinner.

I even made myself salmon tonight! Ive never done that before (I dont cook period!)
But it was good and I am full.
Anyhow, I joined this site
Its great.  I put in what I ate that day, what activites I did and it shows you in graphs etc. how well you did.  And then it tells you aprox. how many calories you burned and how many you took in. It also lets you set your goal weight etc.
According to my site...I should reach my goal by September.  Sooooo hopefully this is true!
I am going to work my ass off, trust me.  By the time school starts again I should be thin again.

Anyhow thats basically all im doing right now.  Trying to lose weight, read more and work lots.  :)

Thats all for now. Im sorry for not being very interesting lately, blah. I really need to spend some time writing again.....

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I did good all day. I was ready to go for a nice run and then walk my run all over again to get double the exercise.  But when I got home from work Joes mom was in a cleaning frenzy and I ended up having to clean the entire house. Sweep, vacuum, steam, dust, wash, scrub... the works. So Im already exhausted from my 4am shift and im cleaning everything saying to myself *Ill run right after im done* and I meant to...but I fell asleep, sweaty and disgusting as I was. I just conked out on the bed. Long story short, I didnt go.

I want to just hit myself in the face. I want this so bad, yet getting my ass outside is so hard for me.
My plan is to go tomorrow morning before the afternoon heat drains me.  Then after my morning run Im going to hit both colleges and sell back my text books.

Anyhow, not too much to report here Im just tired and crabby from not being able to eat everything I want. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am done with finals!

I ruined my im pretty upset about that. I got a fricken B in Logic instead of an A and that just pisses me off.  I think I got an A in my other 3 classes though. Apparently though one B ruins everything.  I can never recover says joes mom. So..ya. fuck. Why do I have this need to be such an over achiever? Nobody even asks what your grade point average is in college.  But I have this need to compete with everyone.  I need to feel smart and like I know shit.  And then when I get a fricken B I feel like a fucking stupid loser. :( Whhhyyy?
I probably want to slap me right now because I'm whining about this, but its important to me. 

Most people get this huge sense of relief when finishing finals up.  They hand in the test and suddenly this sense of accomplishment and relief washes over them. HA. Not me.  I feel a sense of sadness (only in classes I like of course, my Logic class can kiss my ass).  But my History class? HOW SAD!  All I could think when I walked out of the room today was like.. *This is so sad, its the last class Ill have with this teacher!*
AND not only do I get sad leaving my classes behind....the second I walk out of my last classes I can hardly wait for my new ones to begin!  How crazy is that?  I could jump out of my skin I'm so excited for my new English class......the teacher focuses on Fiction and hes supposed to be really great !

I am aware, Im a nerd..

Anyhow, I have to tidy up my room and downstairs before heading to work in a couple of hours. We*re having a guest come stay with us for a week or so. :)

One more thing... my computer got a virus last night :(
I was so sad...Joe restored it to a week ago and its okay now. But they want to just wipe it clean and install Windows 7...which I want, but I also dont want to have to reinstall a bunch of shit. Lol Im so lazy.

Oh AND. I have vowed to myself to lose weight before July 5th.  My sister is coming to town in a month and she is really fricken skinny. I know im going to feel like a cow next to her, so to prevent me from throwing tantrums while shes here Im going to dedicate my summer to losing weight! I decided weeks ago this would start the second finals are done.  So starting tomorrow I will be running again (regardless of the huge cut on my heel, ive decided pain is worth the beauty haha)  and also eating a whole lot less!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Okay! So I did it, I finally posted the promised pictures! :)

First ones are of my car obviously.  It needs a car wash, but oh well.
Then we have the dress I bought for my brothers wedding and my shoes.
And finally we have the painting im working on.  Im not close to done, but this is a good idea of what I want. :)
Anyhow.  Mothers day was good, I hope you all said I love you to your mommies too. I know I did. :) I bought her flowers and a card and me and my future sister-in-law are taking my mom and grandma out to the cheesecake factory this week.
Thats me, my mom in the pink and my grandma in the blue.  We were watching a video my sister sent to say Happy Mothers Day.

Tomorrow is my first day of finals.  Bleh. Not looking forward to it, but happy to almost be done!

I think Im going to start posting pictures now that I stole back a camera from my parents house. MWahaha...

K, hope you guys had a good day, hope to hear from you all!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


So, I bought shoes tonight, that match my dress.  Im not IN LOVE with them, but I do like them.  Of course its impossible to find shoes that actually feet my gigantic feet (size 11 womens and 9-10 in mens)
Yupp, I'm big foot reincarnated.

I am so tired, so excuse my nonsensical ramblings tonight...

Woke up today at 4am, went to work.  Came home and watched *Say Yes To The Dress*. I love that show so much! I love looking at all the beautiful dresses.  Right after that show was LA Ink! Sweeet. Basically, I was a couch potato all afternoon.

I ended up going to town with Joe and we bought me a pair of shoes to go with my dress. :)
Yes...I know...still no pictures! I'm so terrible at this, promises that is.  I'm the worst procrastinator ever, so Im not mentioned photos until I have them.

Oh my god, Im so tired I cant even think straight. I must go to sleep nowwww....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Beatles

This week has been crazy!

I finally get a day off and for that I am extremely grateful!

Ive been working long hours and studying for my finals.  Today was my last official day of classes, now I just have to finish up the tests.

Im trying to find a dress for my brothers wedding... I also realized, today, that I need to start working on the hula I am going to be dancing at his wedding and practice it like everyday!

I ALSO, started a painting yesterday. :) Im actually really excited about it. As soon as I get my dress etc Ill post pictures of my dress, car and painting. I might just buy a camera when Im buying my dress.  Anyhow, I also have to get airline tickets to Hilo. Im supposed to go to my cousins wedding. Problem is pricey. Almost 200 bucks for a flight an island that is 30 minutes away... thats insane. And Im only going for a total of like a day...thats a lot of money for a day. ( to me at least)

I bought a Beatles sticker today and put that bad boy on my car! Im so excited. I finally found a sticker I like.

It looks just like that except without the faces. :) (By the way if I havent mentioned it, I Love Love Love The Beatles and Frank Sinatra)

Ya, so right now, im just hanging out..relaxing finally!!
(I should probably be reviewing my class work though..)
My plan for today is to paint some more, start working on my hula and look online and maybe go to town to look for a dress.
AAAAAAAAAAAnyhow. Ill post more now that classes are done.  This also meansss I am going to start running again and lose some weight! Or at least harden my stomach so its not so gross to look at! hehe

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Okay, I will try and post some pictures.  I actually dont own a working camera right now.  But Im sure my boyfriends mom will let me borrow hers. I really need to go buy another camera. :P So lazy I am!

So, my day actually started at 2am....I woke up from my migraine which wouldn't leave me alone. It was really painful and I even ended up throwing up my dinner because of it. :( So I ended up not being able to go back to sleep because I had to go to work at 4am and by the time I was able to settle down it was time to get ready for work.  I was exhausted all day and couldnt wait to get home to take a nap.

I have a lot of things to get done! I have a presentation, 3 papers, and homework/studying to do. So I get home and eat a subway sandwich and plan on taking a nap before working on my school stuff...but I get sucked into the couch and forced to put together this cabinet thing that's been sitting in its box for the past two weeks. (we went to like home depo recently and bough me my own little dresser thing I was going to put together, because  I have so much clothes. So It was sitting there and my room is cleaner now, but still what did I do? Spent like 4 hours working on the damn cabinet and then folding my clothes and vacuuming my room.  Now of course I'm exhausted all over again and I want to just shower and go to sleep.  But I work at 4am tomorrow and Ive done this to myself...I have papers to write!! AHHHH. Meh, Ill be fine.  I think.

Okay enough procrastinating. 
Good luck on finals everyone!