Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birthday Time


Damn....this is when it starts to all go downhill huh? In 5 years I'll start dreading birthdays. 

Sorry, for giving up on my blog guys.  I've just been so busy I decided my posts were pointless anyways.
But I'll try to post some more again, since I have quite a lot to talk about nowadays.

 * I'm taking 5 classes right now at the Univeristy of Hawaii (yay a real college)
* I will have my own Starbucks store to manage in about a month
* I'm no longer a teenager.
And that's probably it for the general details.... everything else is basically the same.   Of course, I have numerous stories in all areas of my life to share, but I won't try to condense it all to this one post.

In honor of my birthday I've decided to talk about my writing life....

I have too many ideas!

Too many ideas and I don't know how to get them all out on paper. As soon as I start writing and get to the second chapter of a book (I've entirely outlined) I end up getting a whole different idea...anybody else have this problem? 

I got really lucky and fate gave me the last seat in this Creative Writing class I'm taking right now. The teacher is amazing.  I got a chance to really ask her what she thought of my writing. (We already had 2 short stories due)
Short stories are harder for me in general. I like to be descriptive and give back round information (mostly because my stories are usually of the sci-fi genre or just pure fantasy...usually you need attention to detail for that).  Anyhow, her feedback was good and I'm kind of hanging by a thread on it.  She told me I do have the voice of a writer and that if I didn't have what it took, she'd be the first to tell me to go do something else.

 However, I just joined two writing sites (only one have I actually uploaded work to though). I posted 3 of my short stories online to this community. My first rating was good somebody + all my work....then of course, today I check again and somebody - them all.  Honestly, this sucks.  I really shouldn't have checked this today, because I'm really depressed now.  I'm starting to get nervous.  I can't seem to get my writing out unless its for class, but then my ideas are usually way too big for a short story....and the short story ends up not feeling right.  Does that make sense?

Anyhow, I'm trying not to let the negative rating get to me too much.  (It totally is)  But I'm not giving up yet.  Those aren't the best I can produce and I know it.  Its time to start really trying and dedicating a whole lot more time to my writing.  :D
Okay thats all for now...ty for reading my rant!!



    Congrats on UofHI. You sound super into this creative writing class and I'm happy for you. As for the negative ratings, don't even worry about it. Not everyone likes everything. Just try to take some time to focus on everything. You'll get it eventually! <3

  2. Happy happy birthday, to you, to you!
    Your posts are NOT pointless!
    Congats on the promotion, and don't let the -'s get you down!
    Come back soon, we miss you!