Friday, October 15, 2010

Books...Books...andd some more Books!!!

Newly Released:
Ape House
Sara Gruen is the author of Water for Elephants (which is sitting patiently on my shelf to be read). This book (Water for Elephants) is  being made into a movie starring Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon. This new book Ape House has become my next targeted book for reading. As you all know I am currently in an Anthropology course and this book is exactly what I need right now. I don't know all the details of Ape House, but to put lightly..there's lots of ape and human interaction. Has anyone ever seen videos of Koko?? I recently watched a whole documentary about Koko and since then have wished that I, myself could find an ape to communicate with. They fascinate me.  Heres a good video of Koko talking with Penny, her trainer.

Currently Reading:

I'm not very far into this book.  It was assigned by my English teacher who also happens to be the author of this book. -.- You can imagine what classes are like.  Barclay's writing style is a bit too descriptive for my taste, it makes the book a bit boring.  He also switches characters every other chapter, which I would discourage (unless you have 2 solid characters, not 5!)  Right now the chapters switch between..oh...I think four or five different characters and stories.  Its a little overkill and I find it funny actually, since on my short story I was told (by him)  my own switch of POV was distracting. -.-  Anyhowwww....the book is set in the Marshallese Islands. The Marshallese Islands have actually been a victim of the U.S. We have done countless atomic bombing tests in the ocean RIGHT next to those islands and even on some of them.  This has introduced heavy radiation to these people and the worst part of it, is that this was intentionally done. We intentionally gave people radiation poisoning, just so we could study the effects.  The have taken away a good amount of their islands and stuck 15,000 Marshallese people on one island that is only a mile wide and about two rock throws long.  So in the historical sense, this book sounds like it might be interesting (and I hope to god that this book picks up!) but as of right now its slow moving....

Book Recommendations:

 This is actually a book series.  There are I believe 5 in all? Believe me these books are worth your time! These books have a lot of culture in them.  You have four different races and culture of people living in one world.  In this world the Angel race is seen as the peacekeepers.  They are called upon if help is needed etc. They also keep the world in tact. Every year there is a mandatory singing festival held at the center of the world. Every race is required to be present and at this festival the Angels offer up their beautiful singing voices to the gods.  

This book series is so unique. I read these books back to back and I have to say by the end of it I just wanted to live in this world. In fact, I still want to live in this world. So if you get a second, check out these books!!!!! 


I read the series as following and I would suggest you do the same. The first book they tell you to read should really be the last (because personally the last book shattered my world)
I read as following:
Angel Seeker
Jovahs Angel
Alleluia Files

Its totally up to you of course. :) Happy Reading.


  1. Oh jeeze, I hope your teacher's at least open to criticism. It'd suck if you gave him your opinion and then he failed you :(

  2. Yeah definitely keeping my opinions about his book to myself. (in class at least!!)