Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Today is Time Travel day, but before I continue with my content I cant help but express my emotions for this video above.  Today the Chile miner are being rescued!! I dont know why it is so emotional for me, but I really cried watching this video.  The psychological distress of being stuck underground for so long terrifies me and I didn't even have to live through it. So watch it or don't, just know that 31 more miners are on their way out of a living hell, so rejoice for them!!!

The History:


Did you know Zombies are real?
Well you better believe it, because they are!

(If you want to read the full article go ahead and check it out here, otherwise Ill do a quick summary for you. )

It all started in Haiti. (In the 1980s) People would die and get buried by there loved ones.  But in Haiti the dead weren't staying underground.  Sightings of the families loved ones reappearing to them years later started to trickle around towns and villages.  These people who had "risen from the dead" were called Zombies. 

This of course is impossible.  The real explanation behind these Haitian zombies is pretty fascinating.
These people who were supposedly dead had actually been poisoned by workers of the government.  The people poisoned all had one thing in common, they were criminals.  The poison used is actually called tetrodotoxtin which comes from fugu (puffer fish). Some of you might be familiar with fugu which is a delicacy in Japan. This tetrodotoxin was used in a special paste that was spread over the victims skin. The poison then induced its victim into a paralyzed state where they were conscious, but appeared to be dead. Family members (not knowing that they had been poisoned) declared their loved ones dead and buried them, just like the government wanted. The people were then dug back up during the night time (by the government) and taken to Zombie camps where they made the criminals become slaves of the government.  Zombies escaped the sites now and then, revisiting their family and telling them about what happened.  Soon word spread through the Haitians of what happened to those that stole, killed and rebelled.  And guess what, Haiti's crime rates were extremely low and their country was cohesive and wealthy.

My Thoughts:

As of right now...I have some extremely deep thoughts about this subject matter. I had it all typed out and ready to post when my boyfriend yelled at me to not post it...because he actually thinks I'm on to something and posting it would mean losing all my rights to this hypothesis. 
This is all so cryptic I am so sorry, but right now my mind is reeling with thoughts! I think I just stumbled on something that could be crazy if this hypothesis is plausible. ......I know, you dont understand anything I just said. So lets end this right now so I can go research my hypothesis and return to you with more complete thoughts!!

In conclusion, Zombies are in fact real. :) 


  1. Wow, what a fascinating post! I can't wait to hear your super secret hypothesis ;)
    And thank you for that article you linked to!
    About the miners, I have a tad of claustrophobia, so the idea of spending that much time in a dark hole makes me want to throw up. The fact that these men have all survived is harrowing!

  2. Okay, what are your thoughts on this? - http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l8thnup2pa1qchtqko1_500.jpg

    In Toraja, a village in Indonesia, the dead are required to walk home so that they can be properly buried. The bodies are covered in a special concoction that keeps them from rotting and then raised my magic. They walk to their homes and then drop dead. If anyone speaks to them along the way, the magic will be undone and they'll collapse, dead. They're often accompanied by a family member or magician who will prevent anyone from disturbing them during their walk.

  3. Holy crap.
    This is some interesting shit. I want to hear your super secret hypothesis!